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Recorded Webinar: Kickstart your fraud prevention

Let's kick fraud prevention into high gear!

No company wants to wake up to find themselves the center of unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny. With the increase of occupational fraud stimulated by today's tough economy, business are more vulnerable.

And guess what? We've seen in the ACFE's Report to the Nations findings that the higher the perpetrator's level of authority, the greater the fraud losses tend to be. It goes to say that many white collar crimes aren't committed by 'hardened criminals', but instead these crimes are being committed by people who are under severe pressure from management or shareholders.

The bigger the business, the more employees, and the fraud costs skyrocket. Big businesses that have engaged in fraud end up paying billions in violations, penalties, and legal fees. Webinar Recording: Kick Start Fraud Prevention

Small, and many medium sized businesses, don't have that kind of cash flow to cover fraud losses, legal fees, and violations. If a small or medium sized business found itself face to face with having to pay fines, cover financial losses, protect its brand and reputation, chances are it is game over for that business. 

This recorded webinar covers:

  • Fraud Statistics
  • Types of Fraud
  • Red Flags
  • Characteristics of Fraudulent Employees
  • Protecting your Assets
  • Fraud Prevention Tips
  • Improving your Anti-Fraud Programming

Fraud costs small business a median loss of $155,000, according to the ACFE. This is just too much for any small business to handle, and this is a huge threat to the success of that small business. Employee theft and fraud of this magnitude isn't easily absorbed into small business financials.

Fraud does not discriminate!


photo Amanda Nieweler
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