California Senate Bill (SB) No. 553: Are You Compliant?


SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill (SB) No. 553 into law on September 30, 2023. This new law requires nearly all California employers to establish protocols for handling and resolving incidents of workplace violence - bringing with it some very specific requirements. The law takes effect July 1, 2024, and does not include a grace period for implementation.

What is the new law SB 553 in California?

  • SB 553 requires California employers to implement a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan
  • There is no grace period for companies to have required measures in place

The bill is extensive, however, there are key takeaways companies should be aware of:

  • Have a prevention plan: California employers are now required to establish, implement, and maintain workplace violence plans
  • Log violent incidents: Employers need to maintain a log of violent incidents involving employees on worksites
  • Provide employee training: Train employees regularly on workplace violence and safety and what to look out for
  • Maintain records: Employers must keep thorough records of incidents of workplace violence, incident correction, and employee training

What information is required by California law SB 553 when reporting an incident?

To remain compliant with SB 553, incidents reported of workplace safety must include:

  • When the incident took place - the date and time
  • Location of the incident - where did it take place
  • A detailed description of the incident
  • The type of incident - threat, harassment, attack, etc.
  • Who committed the violence - name, job title, etc.
  • Is the implicated individual an employee, or client, etc.
  • Has the incident been reported to police or media, or other parties in the past
  • Type of incident - client/coworker, worker/worker, etc.

How WhistleBlower Security helps you comply with SB 553

Anonymous multi-lingual workplace violence reporting hotline
WhistleBlower Security’s anonymous workplace violence reporting hotline enables employees to speak-up about any workplace violence or safety issues they witness, or think they witness, without fear of retaliation, ensuring that their voices are heard. Our hotlines are live-answered in English, Spanish, and French, and we offer interpretation services for 150 additional languages so employees are always to file a report in their chosen language.

Compliance case management
A centralized database, IntegrityCounts, captures reports of workplace violence and safety concerns and provides visibility into your organization’s risk level. With its user-friendly interface the case manager can easily review complaints, track the status of each investigation, and prioritize urgent matters, ensuring your company is able to receive, categorize, investigate and remediate all complaints while remaining SB 553 compliant.

A customized program to suit your organization's unique needs
Our workplace violence reporting program is easy to implement and is designed to scale, allowing for your program to adapt and grow over time. From program branding, messaging, and SB 553 specific reporting requirements, we will meet the needs of your organization, no matter its size or industry.

WhistleBlower Security is your organization’s ultimate workplace violence and safety reporting solution. Our anonymous reporting hotline helps companies identify and address health and safety issues, fostering a culture of safety, trust, and accountability. Our mission is to empower individuals to speak up without fear, providing them with secure channels to report misconduct and other unethical behaviour.

Effective case management is crucial for organizations to take prompt action and address reported misconduct. That's why the reliable and secure IntegrityCounts case management platform streamlines reporting and investigation, allowing companies to review and track cases with ease.

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