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How to Implement a Whistleblower Hotline at Your Company

Are you considering implementing a whistleblower hotline? Why should a company implement a whistleblower hotline? How to Implement a Whistleblower Hotline at Your Company Internally operated or third-party operated? Tone from the top Multiple reporting methods Anonymity to whistleblowers Anti-retaliation policy How to eliminate retaliation Educate all stakeholders Evaluate, test, audit

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Your Guide to Integrated Risk Management

Transform governance risk and compliance into an integrated risk management solution What is Integrated Risk Management? Benefits of Integrated Risk Management Improved Performance Variables and Gains More Effective Opportunity and Performance Assessments Quicker, Better-Informed Risk Identification, Isolation, and Mitigation Optimal Resource Allocation and Streamlined Deployments

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5 Steps to Create a Whistleblower Compliance Program

Encourage employees to blow the whistle A corporate whistleblower compliance program is a critical step to ensuring an organization is conducting ethical business in today’s highly regulated business environment. An effective whistleblower program is an important part of an organization’s internal controls process and is an important component to detecting and preventing ethical violations.

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Corporate Compliance Program in Healthcare: A Primer

Corporate compliance in healthcare: a failsafe against misconduct What is a Compliance Program in a Healthcare Organization? Why Compliance Programs for Healthcare Providers Matter Are Compliance Programs for Healthcare Providers Mandatory? HHS Compliance Program Guidance Tips Enable the Ability to Speak Up What is a Healthcare Compliance Program?

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4 Items to Include in Your Whistleblower Policy

Employee Tips Are Key to Detecting Fraud A well designed whistleblower program can help organizations find and deter fraud. Many employees have firsthand knowledge, or have at least observed workplace misconduct and many would be more inclined to report misconduct if they were guaranteed anonymity when doing so, and were certain they would not suffer retaliation!

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The 7 Best Board Leadership Techniques According to Real-World Leaders

Adopt the right techniques to optimize how your Board gets along and gets things done as a team Steering the ship, so to speak, is no easy feat as the captain or a senior-ranking officer. The same applies to those in leadership and executive positions. We should always strive to learn, look for solutions rather than problems, and treat others the way we’d want to be treated. However, what are some genuinely top-notch techniques for board leadership specifically?

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