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4 Items to Include in Your Whistleblower Policy

Employee Tips Are Key to Detecting Fraud A well designed whistleblower program can help organizations find and deter fraud. Many employees have firsthand knowledge, or have at least observed workplace misconduct and many would be more inclined to report misconduct if they were guaranteed anonymity when doing so, and were certain they would not suffer retaliation!

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The 7 Best Board Leadership Techniques According to Real-World Leaders

Adopt the right techniques to optimize how your Board gets along and gets things done as a team Steering the ship, so to speak, is no easy feat as the captain or a senior-ranking officer. The same applies to those in leadership and executive positions. We should always strive to learn, look for solutions rather than problems, and treat others the way we’d want to be treated. However, what are some genuinely top-notch techniques for board leadership specifically?

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4 Significant Warning Signs of Ethical Misconduct in the Workplace

A happy workplace is a healthy one with an ethically sustainable culture However, that’s not always the case. There are several red flags to keep an eye – and ear – out for which, if left unaddressed or enabled to fester, can effectively poison your work environment. We’ve reached out to five individuals in leadership positions to determine which are the most significant warning signs of all. Today, through their responses, let’s explore them in more detail.

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6 Whistleblower Helpline Myths Debunked | WhistleBlower Security

No more excuses for not having an ethics helpline. Six myths debunked! 6 Whistleblower helpline myths debunked We don't have fraud, abuse, or other misconduct in our company We have an open-door policy and employees can bring concerns to their supervisors My organization is small, we don't need a helpline? A helpline will be abused by frivolous reports My company can't afford to implement a helpline We have an internally run speak-up program and it's not generating feedback so why outsource? COVID has had a significant impact on businesses globally. It has lead to a differentiation in how employees work and how organizations operate compared to pre-pandemic times. We certainly can't expect that employees' perceptions of their workplace and the behaviours that take place in their workplace wouldn't be impacted by the unusual circumstances that are far removed from regular working operations.

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7 Elements of an Effective Corporate Compliance Program

Mitigate risk with an effective compliance program 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program What is a Compliance Program? Who is Responsible for Compliance? What is the Purpose of a Corporate Compliance Program? What Will the Scope of a Compliance Program Depend On? What are the Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program? 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program Want to build a culture of integrity in your organization? Sure you do. Here's how: effective ethics and compliance programs. Establishing compliant and ethical behaviour among the masses (regulating against non-compliance) is a big step in the fight against fraud and abuse. All organizations have their own unique plan in the running of their businesses and achieving success. However, there's a similar foundation that sets the base of any effective program in any industry.

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Employee Feedback is Key to Culture and Retention

Employee feedback is key to retaining your employees 2020 and 2021 have seen unprecedented challenges to businesses everywhere. In what has been dubbed the Great Resignation, employers are now seeing employees leaving their jobs in great numbers. It's a curious conundrum, but one what takes into question some very simple factors.

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