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How Are Your Employees Really Feeling? 4 Ways to Shift Company Culture

Would you know if your employees are crying out for attention? We're well underway into 2021, and joining us is the sidekick we know and hate as COVID-19 to help keep us company. Since the pandemic hit, many employees have been able to get into a new rhythm of working from home and being separated from their co-workers and leaders. Many may be handling their new normal quite fine and are happy to just keep on going without much thought.

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7 Items to Include in Your Company’s Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics should properly steer all business decisions in the right direction Whether you have a team of two or two thousand employees, a Code of Ethics is imperative to maintaining a professional and productive work environment. A company’s Code of Ethics is most effective when it clearly communicates company values and when measures are in place to hold employees accountable.

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Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine Corporate Policy Updating

Update your policies to include your COVID-19 vaccine requirements By now you've seen that the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed and rolled out in many countries. This is certainly good news as we continue to curb the spread of this pandemic.

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7 Common Ethical Concerns in Businesses Today

Regardless of the industry, unethical behaviour and illegal activity occur in the workplace every day Unethical behaviour greatly diminishes employee morale and business integrity. From fraud to discrimination to privacy breaches, there are many areas where misconduct takes place. Unethical behaviour in the workplace has also notably been on the rise with the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked a group of business professionals about the most common ethical concerns in businesses today and this is what they said:

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6 Ways Companies Can Improve Their Corporate Communication

When it comes to facilitating productivity and achieving corporate goals, effective communication is the key to success. Whether you work for a small startup or multi-level conglomerate, transparent communication both within and across teams and departments is imperative. In addition, with the recent shift to remote work environments, communication has never been more important. Not only does open communication establish stronger relationships among employees but it also creates a stronger organization as a whole. We asked 8 leaders how companies can improve their corporate communication and this is what they said:

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How do Your Employees Relate to Your Code of Ethics?

There's a few values that don't work in a Code of Ethics Your Code of Ethics should properly steer all business decisions in the right direction and not crash and burn in the process. Your Code should show employees and customers you are a responsible company. It should not leave the reader confused.

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