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2020 Compliance Program Updates: US Department of Justice

On June 1st, the US Department of Justice set forth additional clarification and revised guidance for corporate compliance programs. The Covid-19 virus has changed organizations' compliance structure quite considerably. 

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How Hold Music Kills the Whistleblower Hotline Experience

How fast should whistleblower hotline calls be answered and should callers ever be put on hold? Take a moment to imagine the last time you needed to make a call to an 800 number for something urgent, only to be put on hold once you were able to navigate your way through the labyrinth of voice prompts and instructions. You "press 1 if you are calling to cancel your upcoming trip" or "press 5 to speak to the fraud department". Only to be forced to listen to light jazz music once you've made it through. Frustrating right?

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Ultimate Guide to Whistleblowing Hotlines

Why would a company need a whistleblowing hotline?  Well it's simple. Employees are the eyes and ears to all the activity happening in the workplace. They see and hear everything. And their voice is a valuable tool into understanding and analyzing the inner workplace culture.

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4 Ways Good Leaders Make Corporate Culture Completely Awesome

Keeping Your Corporate Culture Healthy and Energetic "I work in a company that discourages speaking up and I love it", said no employee ever. In fact, more employees are seeking out potential employers with a specific cultural DNA that not only encourages speaking up, but also does not retaliate. Not long ago, the phrase "corporate culture" would have sparked a choir of groans. 

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Ethics Evolve - so Should an Organization's Culture

Ethics hotlines are the foundation for a culture Your workplace culture has likely undergone a slight transformation over the past few months. And that's okay. A workplace culture is a living and breathing entity that will change and morph over time depending on any given situation that arises. Coronavirus for example.

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How Whistleblower Hotlines Create Positive Workplace Cultures

Whistleblower Hotlines Improve Workplaces in Good Times and Bad In the past, the term “whistleblower” formed a negative connotation. Whistleblowers were perceived as uncollaborative, weak, or unable to handle the work environment. Employees did not want to be whistleblowers, and employers did not want to deal with them.

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