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Today is International Women's Day

WhistleBlower Security Inc. is proud to celebrate International Women's Day As a women-owned business, WBS is celebrating today - International Women's Day. IWD is a day where people and businesses celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Today, people and businesses are reinforcing the commitment to accelerate gender parity.

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10 Fraud Prevention Methods You Can Use Today!

Fraud costs organizations more if it is ignored! No organization wants to wake up to find itself the center of unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny. That vulnerability is more significant with the increase of occupational fraud stimulated by today's tough economy, and your resources are stretched thin. 

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EU Whistleblower Directive | Is Your Company Compliant?

EU Whistleblower Directive - Deadline Is Getting Closer! What does your company need to know about the European Whistleblowing Directive?

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What is Good Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is a system that enforces practices, rules, and processes throughout an organization. Corporate governance ensures that all stakeholders in the establishment follow the rules and that each decision is made with the organization’s wellbeing in mind. Good corporate governance protects employees through honest actions.

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What Is a Whistleblower Hotline?

Whistleblower hotlines connect employees to management A whistleblower hotline is an important method of connecting your employees with management in order to gain a holistic understanding inside an company's workplace culture. In the past the word 'whistleblower' had many negative connotations associated with it. The word would be associated with snitch, rat, traitor. The list went on. Essentially, a person nobody wanted to be associated with.

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7 Tips for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, helps keep organizations socially liable Through this practice, companies can boost their brand image while giving back to society. Selecting a mission that aligns with what your company stands for can bring your employees closer, boost spirits, and ultimately create a more positive work environment. We turned to business professionals to get advice on how to correctly improve corporate social responsibility and this is what they said:

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