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4 Ways Good Leaders Make Corporate Culture Completely Awesome

Keeping Your Corporate Culture Healthy and Energetic "I work in a company that discourages speaking up and I love it", said no employee ever. In fact, more employees are seeking out potential employers with a specific cultural DNA that not only encourages speaking up, but also does not retaliate. Not long ago, the phrase "corporate culture" would have sparked a choir of groans. 

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Ethics Evolve - so Should an Organization's Culture

Ethics hotlines are the foundation for a culture Your workplace culture has likely undergone a slight transformation over the past few months. And that's okay. A workplace culture is a living and breathing entity that will change and morph over time depending on any given situation that arises. Coronavirus for example.

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How Whistleblower Hotlines Create Positive Workplace Cultures

Whistleblower Hotlines Improve Workplaces in Good Times and Bad In the past, the term “whistleblower” formed a negative connotation. Whistleblowers were perceived as uncollaborative, weak, or unable to handle the work environment. Employees did not want to be whistleblowers, and employers did not want to deal with them.

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Whistleblowing Trends: What Does 2020 Look Like?

Whistleblowing has become much more mainstream and accepted over the past decade. New laws that protect employees from retaliation help them step forward to report wrongdoing. There are some recent trends that shine a light on legislation and government initiatives to encourage whistleblowers to speak up.

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Survey: Leadership Behaviour Determines Workplace Culture

By now we've heard the trending story of Amazon VP Tim Bray stepping down from his post as Vice President of Web Services following the firing of employees he said voiced concerns over work conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Study: Anonymous Hotline Adoption on the Rise

A study shows an increase need in hotline reporting Over the last decade, there's been a surge in the adoption and usage of anonymous whistleblower hotlines. Efforts to increase the protection of whistleblowers are on the rise.

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