Ultimate Guide to Whistleblowing Hotlines

Ultimate Guide to Whistleblowing Hotlines

Why would a company need a whistleblowing hotline?  Well it's simple. Employees are the eyes and ears to all the activity happening in the workplace. They see and hear everything. And their voice is a valuable tool into understanding and analyzing the inner workplace culture.

Organizations are now more conscience about the ethics of doing business and supporting the overall wellness of the organization. The culture outlines an organization’s expectations for behaviour and includes the values,  vision and beliefs that are shared by employees and other stakeholders.

One of the best ways to understand any type of activity inside a workplace culture is to enable all employees to anonymously report on any wrong they think they see. Whether a complaint is founded or not, the ability to receive, investigate, analyze and report on all types of complaints, gives an organization maximum insight into the inner culture, and enables leaders to position the company for growth and success.

Ethics Reporting in Action

IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting and Case Management

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Human Powered Ethics Reporting

Today's employees tend to prefer speaking out if they feel their employer has completely crossed an ethical boundary. There's nothing wrong with wanting to talk. According to a new ‘WhistleBlower Security National Report’, 94 per cent of Canadian employees feel it is their responsibility to speak up when they see wrongdoing in the workplace.

For employees that rely on a human connection, anonymous hotline capabilities are critical to ensuring that the employee feels supported and nurtured when reporting misconduct. Our global and local multilingual hotlines are answered live 24/7/365 and offer the most human ethics reporting experience in the market, a smarter process with faster response times while maintaining anonymity for Reporters, leading to better and more effective investigations.

Our ethics intake form is the same form used by our contact center agents. Watch a quick overview of the IntegrityCounts ethics reporting and case management platform in action.

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Global Ethics Hotlines   |   Self Service Options

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The Reporting Experience

Global Ethics Reporting - Employee Experience

Anonymous Ethics Hotline Reporting

As an ethics hotline provider, we see a shift in the attitude towards blowing the whistle. More companies are acknowledging the need to incorporate an anonymous reporting mechanism into their ethics and compliance  program in order to boost their business strategy. To make it convenient and accessible for employees, a reporting hotline should:

  • Offer multi-lingual capabilities so Reporters can file a report in the language of their preference
  • Have intake agents trained in empathetic and compassionate investigative techniques
  • Facilitate the ability to engage in anonymous dialogue between the Reporter and the organization
  • Enable a positive experience for the Reporter leading to a more thorough report

Learn more about global hotline capabilities

Shannon Walker, President, WhistleBlower Security Inc.

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Web Intake Reporting

Sometimes employees prefer to file a report on their own rather than call into a contact center. The IntegrityCounts web based portal allows the Reporter to visit the website independently and file a report online. But it's important that the portal be intuitive and easy to use so the Reporter doesn't abandon their report. After all, if their concern is serious, you want to know about it. The web form should:

  • Be available in multiple languages so Reporters can choose their language to file their report
  • Be designed to guide the Reporter through a simple yet thorough questionnaire
  • Be available from anywhere the Reporter has a secure internet connection
  • Offer the Reporter access with a modern browser with an internet connection and JavaScript enabled

Learn more about filing a report via the web form

Feature Sheets

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Case Management

Having a centralized and secure case management system that stores all of your sensitive data is important. The IntegrityCounts SaaS cloud based case management system offers simple and intuitive search capabilities so management can quickly search for specific reports and take action quickly. The easy to use system provides confidence that all processes and protocols are followed in a timely manner.

  • Your data is stored in Canada and is logically separated from other client data
  • Messaging center allows for anonymous dialogue between the reporter and the organization
  • Real-time template reports show full trend analysis and status, exportable for use in other applications
  • Sensitive report feature prevents administrators from accessing reports they shouldn’t have access to

Learn more about the IntegrityCounts case management system

How WhistleBlower Security is different

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Reporting and Analytics

Customizable reporting provides you with in-depth analysis into your company’s data. The powerful and easy to use reporting in the IntegrityCounts reporting center provides organizations with valuable insight into cultural changes within the organization, and helps to inform leadership on a variety of issues. Get creative with key word searches, graphs, charts, and templated reports to drill deep into your data and benchmark filtered data against previous periods.

  • Reporting and analytics puts the power of case data in your hands
  • Easily find the data your looking for with intuitive search capabilities
  • Gain important insight into your organization’s culture and learn where problems may exist
  • Benchmark filtered data against previous periods

Learn more about IntegrityCounts reporting and analytic capabilities

Is an ethics hotline right for you? To find out, ask these 10 questions:
Download an eBook that arms you with some key questions to ask an ethics hotline vendor to learn more about their call center and its capabilities. We've provided 10 questions that should provide you with the information you need to understand how a reporting hotline works, and if the vendor knows what they are doing.

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