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Moving Ethics Hotline Vendors? Avoid The Pain of Change

Why are some companies so reluctant to change from one vendor to another? Especially when the existing vendor makes a company feel nothing but frustration? The biggest culprit is likely fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the work involved in moving from one vendor to another. Fear of 'what if we made the wrong decision'? But in the back of your mind, and in the interest of the company, you are coming to the conclusion that your organization needs to start looking for a better alternative to manage your ethics hotline. But that ol' fear kicks in!

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The Importance Of Following Up on Anonymous Whistleblower Tips

"See something, say something" is all fine and good, but it's meaningless if law enforcement doesn't "do something." That's just one of the many reactions being expressed after the mass shooting in Florida on Wednesday, February 14th. When a tip, anonymous or not, gets overlooked, tragic events may occur. And in this case, the worst case scenario happened.

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Keeping the balance: danger in false reporting [and the importance of a good investigation]

We often associate sexual harassment with the more extreme stories that have come out of Hollywood. But in fact, a hostile environment is more than just stories of extreme harassment and abuse. It’s an environment where sexist and joking comments are used to put the recipient down, and create an environment that makes it clear that the recipient isn’t welcome or respected. It doesn’t have to only be sexual harassment taking place. It can just be harassing somebody and making their work environment uncomfortable based on their sex or gender.

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Dedicated ethics reporting in sport a first of its kind in the US and Canada

The first dedicated Sport Integrity Hotline has been established in the US and Canada. And the timing couldn't be more perfect as we count down to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics and news that Russia has been banned from competing as a result of doping allegations. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has partnered with us in the establishment of a confidential Sport Integrity Hotline.

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Workplace harassment can be lowered with a whistleblower hotline

Harassment in the workplace happens anywhere, and Canada is not immune. A recent government survey of harassment in Canada has produced some very alarming results.

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Fraud Detection Methods That Will Make You a Hero - Whistleblower Security

If someone is behaving badly, somebody else usually knows.  Fraud costs everyone more if its ignored, and your organization is not immune from it, no matter what you might think. The ACFE's Report to the Nations states that the median loss caused by fraud was $150,000 - if you're a small business, that could spell disaster. 

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