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Scandal On The Snowy Streets

Once upon a time, in a land of unplowed streets... Much of the northern hemisphere has got its shiver on as we creep up on the holiday festivities, trying not to be affected too much by the deep freeze.

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Ethics: How To Be More Ethical In 2016

Don't you wonder what ethics horrors 2016 may bring? This post is adapted from a Compliance and Ethics blog post. It's an important topic and worth repeating. I encourage you to pass it along. We saw many shocking and eye-rolling moments in 2015. The FIFA scandal where many higher-ups have now been banned from professional soccer. The Volkswagen emissions-cheat scandal where there was a ruse to skirt emissions controls. Recently there was the pharmaceutical executive who decided to raise prices of life-saving drugs to astronomical level. He's now facing securities fraud charges that could land him in prison for years. And of course, the US, and many of us here north of the border, are starting to hunker down and watch what enfolds during the 2016 Superbowl elimination rounds (Phew Seattle Seahawks, you got lucky there!). We certainly won't forget the whole 'deflate-gate' scandal and you can be sure every single football used will be scrutinized from every angle!

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Canadians' Ethical Perception of Their Leaders

The polls are open and Canada is voting. Will ethics play a role? So what better time to point out some survey findings on just how ethical Canadians think their leaders are. Turns out, Canadians are not very satisfied with the ethical behaviour of their political leaders. The Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Program, at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management, has some data from a national survey (here) and Canadians are kind of disappointed. Country leaders play an important role in their position - to achieve genuine happiness of their people. A leader must not only be educated and experienced, but must also be compassionate and sensitive to the problems faced by their people. Leaders must also allow a degree of transparency into the day-to-day workings and governance of their country. Well the polls are open today and Canadians are taking into account, among other things, who they feel could best lead our country. And what doesn't help is the fact that we don't think our leaders are very ethical.

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Whistleblower zeros in on sketchy product reviews

His suspicions were justified Most of us read consumer reviews, right? Amazon, eBay, Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store, etc. According to an annual survey put on by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews. And 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before committing to a product or business. High numbers. No wonder Bell Canada took the bull by the horns and encouraged employees to post 'glowing' reviews about it's two phone apps. Around this time last year, Bell Canada launched a new version of a phone app and immediately the response online was electric. The app quickly amassed glowing, five-star reviews on Apple's iTunes App Store. Reviewers often remain anonymous, and because of this the legitimacy of many online reviews is becoming a growing concern in the digital world. If you really take a good hard look at any review, you'll see inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, etc. Well one bright whistleblower noticed something different about these particular reviews - they were too perfect. 

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Lying on Resumes, and an Ethics Test

An ethics test: the truth about lying on resumes and how it could affect ethical decisions. There is a fun test in this post, but we'll get to that a little bit later. Here's a surprising infographic that sheds some statistics on lying on resumes. The data was assembled by Accu-Screen, ADP, and the Society of HR Managers, and reveals the following little white lies job applicants told on their resumes:

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Ethical Culture in Large Companies

"Companies that invest in ethics reap an enormous return. Better workplace ethics cut business risks by reducing the chance that serious ethics problems will throw companies off course and distract them from their core business" ERC CEO Patricia Harned In the latest National Business Ethics Survey from ECI (Ethics & Compliance Initiative), it's no surprise that an organization's culture, leadership, and values-based ethics and compliance program makes a huge difference in increasing an employee's willingness to report workplace misconduct. Employees feel free from retaliation! The survey, conducted on large organizations of 90,000 or more employees, shows that with an effective values-based ethics and compliance program, employee reporting of wrongdoing increases by 61 percent. These such program also decrease retaliation by as much as 93 percent. The likelihood of retaliation against reporters is also lessened in instances where employees believe that individuals at all levels of the organization are held accountable if they violate company standards or the law.

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