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The Quickest & Easiest Way To Lose Your Best Employees

Do you want to keep your employees happy? A recent article published on raised six Human Resources mistakes that cause a company's best employees to take the nearest EXIT, and keep on going without looking back.

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Kill The Office Of Congressional Ethics?

Republicans won't kill the Office of Congressional Ethics... well not yet anyway A day doesn't go by without at least one seemingly controversial tweet from the President-elect.

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Scandal On The Snowy Streets

Once upon a time, in a land of unplowed streets... Much of the northern hemisphere has got its shiver on as we creep up on the holiday festivities, trying not to be affected too much by the deep freeze.

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The Whistleblowing Advantage: A True Story!

Stories take us places. They follow, with purpose, one or more characters through a series of events. By the end, they arrive at a target destination, fulfilling their reason for having been told. Some whistleblowers have incredible stories to tell. And the journey their stories take the reader on, mesmerizing as they may seem, leave the reader wondering why the story was ever able to be created in the first place. If it wasn't for the cast of characters and series of events, there would be no story.

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The Problem With Whistleblowers!

They're such a pain, right? They just push and push. Saying everything in their power to bring a company down. Contradicting the 'truths' that a company has worked so hard to portray to its employees, customers, the public. One 'little nobody' (or a few) who just Won't! Shut! Up! And now the company has to take time away from doing its business to aggressively fight these little nobodies. What a waste of time!

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A Culture of Demanded Loyalty Breeds Mistrust

Harassment in the workplace, blackmail, and psychological manipulation Let's address the elephant in the office. The turmoil at Fox News has made for one heck of a story. It's a story we see time and time again involving employees and the big corporate monster. WorldCom, Enron to name a couple. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly lays out the problem many employees see today. That being the fear of coming forward to report concerns and violations:

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