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2020 Compliance Program Updates: US Department of Justice

On June 1st, the US Department of Justice set forth additional clarification and revised guidance for corporate compliance programs. The Covid-19 virus has changed organizations' compliance structure quite considerably. 

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Got an Ethics Hotline? Make Them Believe It!

Lack of communication! It's a phrase that's often heard in the workplace. Office-dwellers have said it, even more of us have heard it. But how does this phrase translate into the success of a whistleblower hotline or ethics reporting program?

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New Year, New Compliance... Getting Compliant in 2019

Corporate compliance officers put quite a busy 2018 behind them at the end of the year, getting grips on some head-spinning events ranging from the #metoo movement, to getting up to speed with GDPR compliance regulations, and creating all the policies and procedures that speak to these new concerns and regulations, and how their companies need to address them.

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Compliance, Ethics, and Dr. Seuss

This year's Annual Compliance Week Conference certainly delivered with powerful insights and ideas. Taking over the main floor of the historic Mayflower Hotel, many ethics and compliance professionals were not only looking forward to networking with other industry professionals, they were eager to listen to one speaker in particular.

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Reflections from SCCE's Compliance & Ethics Institute Conference

This was our first year exhibiting at SCCE's CEI event in Las Vegas. As first time exhibitors, we really didn't have previous CEI events to compare this one to. But what this one did have, that previous years didn't, was a heightened sense of perseverance and desire to make our own pockets of our worlds that much stronger and successful.

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Compliance: Top Agenda for Canadian Extractives Companies

Canadian oil, gas, and mining companies should be dusting off their compliance programs Starting in 2016, the 'Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act' (ESTMA) comes into force, and Canada’s oil, gas, and mining companies will be required to start tracking payments to government recipients. This new law will require these companies to disclose payments made to government officials relating to the commercial development of oil, natural gas, or minerals, at home and over seas. Companies that are already required to disclose such payments in other jurisdictions, such as the US and Europe, will be relieved from having to disclose again under the new law. The Act delivers on Canada’s 2013 G8 commitment to contribute to global efforts against corruption in the extractives sector. 

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