You know that company culture you think you have?


"Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it."
~Hubspot founder

You know that company culture you think you have?Okay, you more than likely do have a great company culture, but there's always room for improvement.

I recently sat in on a session where one of Hubspot's founders talked about a company's culture.

And there were a few quotes that really spoke to me and I was able to relate these to many of the conversations we have with our own clients and prospects.

One of which was the above quote.

Every company culture is different, and fabulous in its own way.

Owners and executives should be wanting to achieve 'the best place to work' according to employees, and as viewed from those looking in from the outside.

For many, this is true. For others, there may be some work to do still.

A company culture is always a work in progress.

The reason the above quote spoke to me, and how I feel it fits into the message we are always speaking, is that for many employees, they feel they may be hoarding knowledge of unethical behaviour because they may feel they can't speak-up about it.

And of course, not speaking up about unethical behaviour definitely will bite a company in the back end eventually, rendering it powerless against regulators, the media, and clients and vendors.

Not to mention the stress that employees are under knowing about something potentially devastating that they feel they can only keep secret.

To be a powerful company, with a great culture is to allow employees the freedom to speak-up about unethical behaviour.

And reinforce to them they will always be safe doing so, and that when they do, they are contributing to the success of the company's culture.

I means allowing them a place to voice their concerns confidentially and anonymously.

Hubspot's communication from the top down speaks to a very open and all-inclusive culture where all information brought forward contributes to the success of the culture at the company.

A thorough and easy to understand Code of Ethics, or Conduct helps employees understand a company's mission, values, and culture and gives insight into how each employee's actions contributes to the success of a company's culture.

Let us know if you need any assistance refreshing yours!

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