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Workplace harassment can be lowered with a whistleblower hotline

Workplace harassment can be lowered with a whistleblower hotline

Harassment in the workplace happens anywhere, and Canada is not immune.

A recent government survey of harassment in Canada has produced some very alarming results.

Harassment in Canadian workplaces is widespread.

And the key findings is that it's at a high level.

Over the past year, thousands of Canadians took part in an online survey on their experiences, if any, of harassment in the workplace.

Of the survey respondents:

  • 60% reported having experienced harassment in the workplace
  • 30% of respondents reported experiencing sexual harassment

These are alarming numbers.

Many of the respondents who experienced harassment in the workplace said that many of the incidents go underreported due to fear of retaliation, and that when they are reported, they are not dealt with effectively.

A very common fear indeed and one of the biggest reasons people don't speak up is fear of retaliation.

Survey respondents and subsequent discussions suggested that training and education would help employers understand and respond to what is happening in their workplaces.

Many survey respondents indicated that their workplaces had sexual harassment and violence prevention policies in place, but training does not happen on those policies.

No one should be subject to harassment or sexual violence of any kind in their workplace, whether it comes from an employer, a manager or a colleague.

One of the most effective ways to help employees speak up about harassment is through anonymous and confidential whistleblowing hotlines.

Couple this with regular training on harassment and anti-retaliation policies, and serious and thorough investigation of the complaint by the company, instances of harassment should become less frequent, if not cease altogether, and companies will start to build stronger and more ethical cultures.

Ethics hotlines and case management systems actually enhance the corporate culture once employee are shown a new level of respect and responsibility that comes from implementing comprehensive reporting mechanisms and case investigation and follow-up.

WhistleBlower Security is here to help Canadian companies ensure their policies and codes meet ethical standards, and that employees have a place to safely report concerns of harassment or abuse.

Contact us and let's have a chat!

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Amanda writes for WhistleBlower Security about ethics, compliance, workplace culture, and whistleblower hotlines. Amanda brings her nearly two decades of risk and compliance experience to the WBS blog where she is dedicated to helping people and companies promote speak-up cultures.