Wisdom of your crowd of employees


Wisdom of your crowd of employeesLast night, I was finally able to watch the pilot of Wisdom of the Crowd that I had recorded.

Watching the number of advertisements counting down to the first episode, I increasingly thought this could be a interesting show.

It was rather interesting, if you're into that sort of genre.

Basically, the premise is that a man, who lost his daughter to a murder, believes that the person who was ultimately convicted of his daughter's murder, is not actually the murderer.

So he comes up with an ingenious plan to create a crowd sourcing app where the general public can submit any form of information relating to what happened to his daughter, and to help him catch the murderer who he believes is still free.

This first episode did not result in the capture of his daughter's murderer, but rather, through a series of paths taken by a detective who the app-maker brought in to help, they were able to catch the murderer of another victim.

They did this by allowing the public to submit information in the form of texts, pictures, videos, etc.

Then they would use the app to weed through all the irrelevant information the crown submitted, to find the relevant information, and drum rooooll please, a murderer was caught.

To me, this is whistleblowing on a massive scale!

The ability to allow people to use a platform to speak up, solved an issue.

These people were not afraid to speak up because they knew they were contributing to something good, providing information that could help solve a murder, and they could do so, somewhat confidentially and safely.

I say somewhat because of course there has to be an interesting script in any entertainment to retain the viewer.

In real life, something like this would probably never be allowed. At least not that I know of anyway.

Can you imagine?

It does fall in the extreme category.

However, what it has in common with whistleblowing is that when you allow people to speak up, they can help solve problems.

Typically, a company may not know that something unethical is happening. But many times, employees do. And they want the company to know about it.

When a company invests in a platform (safe and secure of course in the real world), where employees can come forward to voice their concerns, issues can be resolved, and companies can prevent potential disaster.

We've seen many of our clients close investigations, that they would never have known about otherwise if their employees didn't have a way to speak up confidentially.

These companies were then able to move on and focus on what's next in their world, rather than having a potentially devastating issue fester until it explodes.

As for this father who's searching for the murderer of his daughter, time will tell if they are able to find this person.

Of course, you know they will because these one-off TV series always end on a happy note.

Our goal is to help companies also end on a happy note, by providing them with the tools they need to enable ethical cultures.

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