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Why are whistleblowers under attack?

Many have felt this way and may feel there's no way out.

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When Speaking Up Results In Tragedy

Don't let the title fool you. Everyone has been given the freedom, and power, of speech. It's something that can't be taken away from us.

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Whistleblowing: An Emotional Roller Coaster

Better hang on. This could get scary! Many employees are reluctant to reveal illegal or dangerous acts committed by their employer. This could be because many fear losing their job, or they worry about the impact the very act of whistleblowing would have on their careers.

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The Importance of Anonymous Whistleblower Hotlines!

Guest post by Emma Brown Whistleblowing is no new concept, yet it remains a somewhat hushed notion for some companies. A quick Google search nets plenty of results with everything from hotline companies to advice if you're the one about to 'blow the whistle.' As an ethics hotline provider, we're starting to see a shift in the attitude towards blowing the whistle. More companies are acknowledging the need to introduce an anonymous reporting mechanism into their policies and culture.

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Ethics Reporting: Internal or Outsourced Program

Should you consider an internal, or external ethics reporting system? If you are considering implementing a whistleblower hotline, there's much to take into account regarding features and benefits of an outsourced program compared to an internal system. Things to think about are budget, resources, and implementation plan, training and report review, response and analytics. What policies and codes need to be developed to support the system? What types of reporting do you need? How do you measure success? And of course, how important is an anti-retaliation policy? 

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Step up your anti-corruption compliance

Let's talk about anti-corruption compliance. In today’s world, due to tightened anti-corruption legislation and regulations, anti-corruption compliance’ has become a regular part of our lexicon. Combating corruption and bribery is no longer ‘new’ to businesses, as stricter enforcement and prosecutions force companies to rethink their compliance policies and procedures. According to Transparency International UK, there are signs of improvement in anti-corruption acts as many businesses around the world are increasingly addressing corruption risks in the recent years.

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