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Whistleblowing Wins at the Oscars

“We dedicate this award to Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, our fearless whistleblower who now lives in great danger. We hope ‘Icarus’ is a wake-up call — yes, about Russia, but more than that, about the importance of telling the truth, now more than ever.” ~ Director Bryan Fogel, acceptance speech, Icarus, feature documentary

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The Importance Of Following Up on Anonymous Whistleblower Tips

"See something, say something" is all fine and good, but it's meaningless if law enforcement doesn't "do something." That's just one of the many reactions being expressed after the mass shooting in Florida on Wednesday, February 14th. When a tip, anonymous or not, gets overlooked, tragic events may occur. And in this case, the worst case scenario happened.

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International Anti-Corruption Day: December 9th

It's International Anti-Corruption day on December 9th. Corruption is a global issue and one of the biggest obstructions to economic and social development around the world. It's estimated that every year, $1 trillion is paid in bribes world-wide. It's also estimated that $2.6 trillion is stolen annually through corruption. This equals more than 5% of the global GDP. Bribery helps corruption along it's path of destruction. And when businesses use bribery and corruption in order to try to get ahead, or win the bid, more people end up getting hurt because of it.

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Workplace harassment can be lowered with a whistleblower hotline

Harassment in the workplace happens anywhere, and Canada is not immune. A recent government survey of harassment in Canada has produced some very alarming results.

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Fraud Detection Methods That Will Make You a Hero - Whistleblower Security

If someone is behaving badly, somebody else usually knows.  Fraud costs everyone more if its ignored, and your organization is not immune from it, no matter what you might think. The ACFE's Report to the Nations states that the median loss caused by fraud was $150,000 - if you're a small business, that could spell disaster. 

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Wisdom of your crowd of employees

Last night, I was finally able to watch the pilot of Wisdom of the Crowd that I had recorded.

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