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The Next Generation of Culture: How Employees Are Driving Change

People today are not shy about expressing their feelings when it comes to something they feel very passionate about. Gone are the days of keeping quiet about a company's political agenda or leadership views - especially if agendas and views are seen as propaganda or ethically wrong.

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Catholic Bishops Give Green Light For Whistleblower Hotline

After a historic summit attended by The Pope, a few months ago, on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, he issued new guidelines on reporting abuse allegations. And just recently Catholic bishops in the US have confirmed the need for reporting hotlines for bringing forward instances of abuse.

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Compliance and Ethics in Vegas - WhistleBlower Security

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not at the CEI event last week. Because many of the visitors who came by our booth were either in need of a whistleblower hotline, or were wanting to leave their current provider. It's a conversation that was communicated during some of the sessions, and a conversation we had with numerous visitors to our booth. Compliance programs, big or small, need a whistleblower program.

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How To Choose Between An Internal or External Whistleblower Hotline

It's a scenario many ethics professionals find themselves in. When implementing a whistleblower hotline, comparisons are made between internally run systems, and outsourced third-party programs. What would be the easiest? What would be the cheapest? What will get the job done?

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How a company "fixes" its anti-harassment policy matters

As the #metoo movement gains more traction, many more companies are stepping up their game and letting all employees know, harassment of any kind is completely not acceptable.

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WBS is Sponsoring the National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit

WhistleBlower Security is proud to be sponsoring The Conference Board of Canada’s National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit taking place on April 10th-11th in Toronto.

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