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Whistleblowing Trends: What Does 2020 Look Like?

Whistleblowing has become much more mainstream and accepted over the past decade. New laws that protect employees from retaliation help them step forward to report wrongdoing. There are some recent trends that shine a light on legislation and government initiatives to encourage whistleblowers to speak up.

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Got an Ethics Hotline? Make Them Believe It!

Lack of communication! It's a phrase that's often heard in the workplace. Office-dwellers have said it, even more of us have heard it. But how does this phrase translate into the success of a whistleblower hotline or ethics reporting program?

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Kindness and Empathy and Whistleblowing

Whistleblowers play a very important and needed role in society and the industries they are blowing the whistle against. But sometimes, the very act of blowing the whistle may bring retaliation or other negative effects to the whistleblower.

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What Whistleblowing Isn't

We all know what blowing the whistle is. If you see something wrong, say something. Yet those seven words can be interpreted in so many different ways.

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Bomshell Shows The Power of Whistleblowing

Many employees have a 'Roger Story'. Some have told theirs. Others are still building up the courage to do so.

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How Important Are Whistleblowers In Society?

News of the day is that not only do we need whistleblowers, but we need protections in place to ensure they can come forward and not be persecuted for speaking up and doing the right thing.

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