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Webinar: Get Your Employees to Speak Up (Not Shut Up)

Getting employees to speak up and report wrongs they see can be hard.

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Silence breakers - whistleblowers - person of the year

It's a great honour to be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Everyone has their own opinion of who this prestigious honour should be awarded to. But this year, it's not one person. It's a representation of many people. It's a representation of fear that has been keeping many silent for so long.

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Take Care of Your Whistleblowers

Whistleblowing helps discourage wrongdoing! One of the best ways to minimize internal risk is to create an environment where employees feel like they are able to come forward and report wrongdoing, without being punished.

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Criteria for an effective whistleblowing system

Do you need a whistleblowing system? It's a good question, and one could easily answer it with, nah, not really.

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The Problem With Whistleblowers!

They're such a pain, right? They just push and push. Saying everything in their power to bring a company down. Contradicting the 'truths' that a company has worked so hard to portray to its employees, customers, the public. One 'little nobody' (or a few) who just Won't! Shut! Up! And now the company has to take time away from doing its business to aggressively fight these little nobodies. What a waste of time!

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Have You Thanked A Whistleblower Today?

A simple Thank-You packs a powerful punch Many companies are only just starting to embrace ethics reporting. They've gone through the implementation process with their vendor, if they've chosen to use a third-party system. Training employees on the new system has been done. Promotional materials have been handed out. Senior management has endorsed the system and has encouraged employees to report the wrongs they see. So when reports start to trickle in, there's one very important thing that has to be done before anything else: Thank the whistleblower.

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