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How Whistleblower Hotlines Create Positive Workplace Cultures

Whistleblower Hotlines Improve Workplaces in Good Times and Bad In the past, the term “whistleblower” formed a negative connotation. Whistleblowers were perceived as uncollaborative, weak, or unable to handle the work environment. Employees did not want to be whistleblowers, and employers did not want to deal with them.

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4 Tips to Nurturing Confident Whistleblowers

Some people like to speak up more than others At WhistleBlower Security, we believe in open and honest communication. People today are not shy about expressing their feelings when it comes to something they feel very passionate about.

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How The Employee Exit Interview Contributes To An A+ Company Culture

In today's world of 'social media everything', a frustrated ex-employee can do a lot of damage to a company's reputation after leaving. When a really good employee decides to move on, well that's part of business, even if it really sucks! But you want to make sure that an employee's experience right up to their last day is nothing but positive. This is how a company culture thrives when employees decide to move on. There are right and wrong ways to handle an employee who has resigned. Managers are going to face employee resignations sooner or later, so it's best to have the most professional, and honorable approach when it does happen.

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What do your employees fear most about blowing the whistle

Employee silence could cost a company big bucks!

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How Ethics Reporting Can Improve Quality of Life in Care Homes

Don't let that inviting facade misrepresent the truth inside. Are care homes mismanaged and understaffed? Lack of oversight can lead to incidents such as wrong doses of medicine being given to patients, calls for assistance being ignored, or abuse by staff and/or volunteers. Unfortunately, for one Calgary senior, abuse by staff could possibly have ended his life. Three women are convicted of assaulting a 92 year old man at the Calgary care home last year. In February 2014, these three women were caught on tape assaulting the man, a client at the home who was bed-ridden and frail. After telling his family that he was being abused, the client's family placed hidden cameras in his room. What they recorded was appalling. The man died one month later. The problem is, such workers aren’t bound to standards that hospital workers are subject to, and this workforce is unregulated. At a hospital, almost everyone has to answer to not only management, but their colleagues. But at care facilities, it’s up to each organization to set the standard - and there can be a high turnover in this industry. Another problem? With an aging population quickly heading towards needing this level of care, this is a growth industry.

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What Do You Do When Unethical Workplace Behaviour Strikes?

Hint: Don't Run Screaming for the Hills! Are you at work right now? Take a look around you. Go ahead. Your work environment is subject to many of the same ethical challenges that you face in society. Every day we encounter different types of people, and many different cultures and personalities, therefore, unethical behavior can arise from time to time.

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