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The 4 Experiences Of A Company Culture

How do experiences transform a company culture? A recent post in Forbes caught my eye. It's titled 4 Types Of Experiences That Define Your Company Culture, And How To Improve Them. The author talks about 'experiences that occur within on organization support certain beliefs. Those believes lead to specific actions which in turn drive results. For better or for worse.' This is based on a book called "The Results Pyramid" that explains that the four components of the pyramid are experiences, beliefs, actions and results.

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A Glossary Of Fraud Terminology

That's right. A 'Webster's' version if you will A few years ago, Ernst & Young's Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Practice collaborated with the FBI using specialist software to identify more than 3,000 phrases and terms in emails.

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Leaders Need To Seek More Feedback From Employees

"The biggest mistake leaders make is not seeking enough feedback from their employees" These are the words from Meg Crosby, a former Google Executive who now runs her own company.

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Don't Be Afraid To Use Your Company's Ethics Hotline

The ethics hotline is there for a very good reason You've witnessed verbal or physical abuse at your work. You think a manager and an employee are getting a wee bit too close. Your very limited financial knowledge is leaving you with questions about the current revenue... you know something is off. What do you do if you happen to come across something questionable? Your gut tells you something is wrong, but you feel you don't have enough knowledge or information to actually let anybody know it's happening.

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Whistleblowing, Fraud, and Trust In Smaller Businesses

Trust doesn't always count when doing business... Guest post by Emma Brown Small business fraud hurts! Okay so it sounds like a broken record. So does "have you fastened your seatbelt?" until you realize you actually drove away unbuckled. If you've never experienced any form of petty crime in your business, the 'small business fraud hurts' mantra tends to brush over your head like a breeze on a windy day.

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The Whistleblowing Challenge

‘Surely a company’s executives would want to know about unethical practices in the organization?’ This question can be asked until you are blue in the face. Perhaps not knowing makes executives feel safer? Seriously, it's the unknown that typically scares the pants of people. Why mess with something when it's running along tickety-boo? This would seem to be the more common practice for many larger companies. A recent post, VW: The Challenge of Whistleblowing,  sheds light on what the author calls self-conscious righteousness that many larger companies exhibit.

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