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Pilot fired for aborting flight for safety concern. Is company culture to blame?

In the air transport business more than any other, the human element is everything. That big plane in front of the hangar is only as good as the man who flies it, and he is only as good as the people on the ground who work with him. - W. A. (Pat) Patterson, President United Airlines, quoted in 'High Horizons'. You're buckled in your seat and your flight has just taken off. Suddenly there's the smell of smoke. The pilot makes an emergency landing and wants all passengers to evacuate the plane. That pilot was then fired for his actions. That pilot is Jason Kinzer, and when he made the decision to bring his plane back for an emergency landing, and evacuate all the passengers, he was let go from Allegiant Air.

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Alabama Election: Speak-up Movement is Showing its Influence

Many of us had our eyes glued to the Alabama Senate race, while Alabamians voted to fill a seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. In the running, on the Republican side, a man with allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour against him, and on the other side a Democrat who hoped the recent national attention on alleged harassment against his opponent would create a rare opportunity for the Democrats to win the seat. Many would argue that this election happening at all is the result of a lack of Tone at the Top where an environment of name calling and hurled insults lead to Jeff Sessions eventually stepping down. At a time when harassment and abuse claims are at an all time high, the result of this vote is very telling.

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Silence breakers - whistleblowers - person of the year

It's a great honour to be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Everyone has their own opinion of who this prestigious honour should be awarded to. But this year, it's not one person. It's a representation of many people. It's a representation of fear that has been keeping many silent for so long.

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Creating a complete culture that attracts millennial employees

The inevitable is happening. The aging workforce is slowly being replaced by younger workers. The Millennials. And what the older generation may think is an important desire from employers, isn't necessarily the same desire the Gen Y'ers are expecting from the same employer.

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Wisdom of your crowd of employees

Last night, I was finally able to watch the pilot of Wisdom of the Crowd that I had recorded.

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When Speaking Up Results In Tragedy

Don't let the title fool you. Everyone has been given the freedom, and power, of speech. It's something that can't be taken away from us.

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