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How To Choose Between An Internal or External Whistleblower Hotline

It's a scenario many ethics professionals find themselves in. When implementing a whistleblower hotline, comparisons are made between internally run systems, and outsourced third-party programs. What would be the easiest? What would be the cheapest? What will get the job done?

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Crazy Beliefs About Whistleblower Programs

Many companies have already implemented an ethics reporting program. Others might be thinking about one for some time in the future. And still others may not have even considered it. A common belief is that organizations think these programs are too expensive, or that they just don’t need one. With what seems to be a continued onslaught of corporate scandals in the media, ensuring that existing compliance programs are working correctly, or that newly implemented programs get off to a stellar start, to not have an ethics reporting program in place could be detrimental.

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How To Fight Small Business Fraud

Fighting Fraud: protecting the cornerstone of communities everywhere Many communities depend on small businesses. They drive the local economy. They create jobs. They can be economic powerhouses. In British Columbia, small businesses account for one-third of the province's GDP, outdistancing the performance of the small business sector in other provinces across Canada.

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