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How Ethics Reporting Can Improve Quality of Life in Care Homes

Don't let that inviting facade misrepresent the truth inside. Are care homes mismanaged and understaffed? Lack of oversight can lead to incidents such as wrong doses of medicine being given to patients, calls for assistance being ignored, or abuse by staff and/or volunteers. Unfortunately, for one Calgary senior, abuse by staff could possibly have ended his life. Three women are convicted of assaulting a 92 year old man at the Calgary care home last year. In February 2014, these three women were caught on tape assaulting the man, a client at the home who was bed-ridden and frail. After telling his family that he was being abused, the client's family placed hidden cameras in his room. What they recorded was appalling. The man died one month later. The problem is, such workers aren’t bound to standards that hospital workers are subject to, and this workforce is unregulated. At a hospital, almost everyone has to answer to not only management, but their colleagues. But at care facilities, it’s up to each organization to set the standard - and there can be a high turnover in this industry. Another problem? With an aging population quickly heading towards needing this level of care, this is a growth industry.

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How to get your employees to report more misconduct

Culture, leadership and values-based ethics and compliance programs make a big difference in increasing retaliation free employee reporting of workplace misconduct. According to a National Business Ethics survey, organizations with effective values-based ethics and compliance programs see employee reporting of wrongdoing increase by 61%. These programs also decrease retaliation by as much as 93%. As well, in cases where employees perceive all individuals at all levels of an organization as being held accountable for their violations, the likelihood of retaliation is lessened. One way to minimize internal risks and non-compliance is to create an environment where employees feel like they are able to come forward with reports of wrongdoing when problems arise without being punished. High rates of reporting give companies a chance to identify and root potentially disastrous problems. Non-retaliation has been known to boost reporting because employees feel it is safe to report what they see. Also, if employees feel safe to report misconduct without fear of retaliation, then that alone can reduce future misconduct and organizational risk. 

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Occupational Health And Safety In The Forest Industry

Protect your employees. Protect yourself! Since January 1, 2015, eight forest workers have died industry-wide in BC. 2014 saw 'only' four forest workers killed - though the industry average rate over the last few years remains at eight fatalities a year. This is an incredibly unacceptable number in an industry that, in theory, has strict policies and processes in place. It certainly makes you ponder what's going on. WorkSafeBC and industry leaders were certainly pondering this in an emergency meeting that was called this summer. Clearly there's a problem in the bush. Those working 'on the ground' in BC forests are required to manage occupational health and safety issues that the rest of us are completely oblivious to. The problem is, the unique dangers of working under the tree canopy have resulted in tragedies over the years and have subjected the forest industry's health and safety performance to intense media scrutiny. 

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VW - The Biggest Corporate Cover-up

"Made in Germany" Brand is Threatened While a complete implosion of VW is not likely, the company will be climbing out of this deep cavern for years to come. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn paid the price of losing his job after the recent revelation that software designed to circumvent emission testing was installed on as many as 500,000 “clean diesel” vehicles sold in the US and as many as 11 million worldwide. For all the talk about corporate responsibility, integrity and putting customers first, some companies are still willing to roll the ethical dice when profits are on the line. VW has long polished a reputation for producing fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. But because of a trade-off in diesel cars between fuel efficiency and actual emissions, the company used a “defeat device” to cheat emissions tests, deceiving both regulators and consumers. 

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3 Steps to Manage Your Ethics Reporting Incidents

Ethics Hotlines Work! Organizations with hotlines are much more likely to catch fraud by a tip - it's the most effective way to detect and deter fraud. It's also the most effective way to decrease the median duration of fraud cases. Without any way for employees to speak-up about what they know, wrongdoing is going to continue. With no reporting mechanism in place, fraud can go on for as long as 18 months before it's 'stumbled' upon. But with a reporting mechanism in place, that time can be cut drastically, saving precious time and money.

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Sony Hack Reveals Discrimination Within Company

Sony Is Definitely Having a Blue Christmas This Year It seems like every day there's new news coming out of Sony, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you've heard at least some of the nasty tidbits leaked by the hackers by now.

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