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Kill The Office Of Congressional Ethics?

Republicans won't kill the Office of Congressional Ethics... well not yet anyway A day doesn't go by without at least one seemingly controversial tweet from the President-elect.

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When An Ethics Hotline And Your Company Meet For The First Time

Introducing an ethics hotline into your company? Introductions can be awkward. Introducing a new system into your company can be fraught with challenges. And blank stares... Many times employees are happy with the way things are rolling along and wonder why rock the boat? Other employees welcome new ideas.

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What Ethics Reporting Method is Right For Your Company

Let's break it down so thinking about it doesn't hurt quite so much! Excuses! We've heard them all. "An ethics reporting system is WAY too expensive." "An ethics reporting system isn't a priority right now." "Ugh, too much work..." Here's the thing. It's actually quite simple really. Companies may be thinking about hotlines, web portals. Then there's mail! What about faxing?

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Leaders Need To Seek More Feedback From Employees

"The biggest mistake leaders make is not seeking enough feedback from their employees" These are the words from Meg Crosby, a former Google Executive who now runs her own company.

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What Makes a Company Ethical?

Don't retaliate, do reward, do investigate... Thanks for reading! Okay so we'll expand on that a little bit more. We came across an article that referenced a group of researchers that set out to isolate actionable factors that contributed to an ethical organization. It's a pretty broad spectrum to classify. Many would think an ethical organization is made from ethical leadership, how they serve the environment, or what their mission and vision is. But this research team came up with three measurable factors that any organization an use to improve their ethics.

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Bulk Up Your Growing Business With Ethics Reporting

Growing your business depends on detecting and preventing fraud Guest post by Emma Brown Starting up your own business? You can expect to put large amounts of time, capital and frustration into the project whether it's a labour of love or a money making machine. But no matter what, preventing unethical or illegal incidents that could potentially harm your new enterprise is an important (but often forgotten) step in the process of growing your business. Greiner's '5 Stages of Business Growth Model' suggests the most susceptible time for fraud is during the Stage 3 (Growth Through Delegation) where employee growth takes place.

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