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Survey: Leadership Behaviour Determines Workplace Culture

By now we've heard the trending story of Amazon VP Tim Bray stepping down from his post as Vice President of Web Services following the firing of employees he said voiced concerns over work conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Important Are Whistleblowers In Society?

News of the day is that not only do we need whistleblowers, but we need protections in place to ensure they can come forward and not be persecuted for speaking up and doing the right thing.

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How To Choose Between An Internal or External Whistleblower Hotline

It's a scenario many ethics professionals find themselves in. When implementing a whistleblower hotline, comparisons are made between internally run systems, and outsourced third-party programs. What would be the easiest? What would be the cheapest? What will get the job done?

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Ethics reporting with a human touch

Remember the good old days of shopping through the Sears Catalogue? Well that ended 15 years ago! Today we can order almost anything by simply talking into a device. At the speed of light, technology is raising consumer's standards and there's no looking back. Needless to say, today's customers and business buyers are expecting a lot from companies, but many don’t have faith in those companies to deliver.

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Recorded Webinar: Implementing an Ethics Reporting System

Anonymous employee tips are a critical ingredient of detecting workplace fraud and other wrongdoing. Promoting a speak-up culture in the workplace where employees can bring forward any ethics and compliance concerns creates a significant advantage for an organization.

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The Not-So-Risky, Yet Quick Payoff Of Ethics Reporting

Implementing a strong third-party ethics and compliance program with a 24/7/365 anonymous live answer hotline is one of the best tools an organization can utilize to stop unethical behaviour in its tracks.

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