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How The Employee Exit Interview Contributes To An A+ Company Culture

In today's world of 'social media everything', a frustrated ex-employee can do a lot of damage to a company's reputation after leaving. When a really good employee decides to move on, well that's part of business, even if it really sucks! But you want to make sure that an employee's experience right up to their last day is nothing but positive. This is how a company culture thrives when employees decide to move on. There are right and wrong ways to handle an employee who has resigned. Managers are going to face employee resignations sooner or later, so it's best to have the most professional, and honorable approach when it does happen.

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Company Culture and Impact on Hiring Employees

"I Don't Want the Hassle of Interviewing and References, Let's Just Fill the Position" I was taking a walk at lunch, and happened to be passing by the back end of a local grocery store where some of the employees hang out for breaks. The above phrase... I really heard it, word for word and my jaw just about hit the pavement!

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Tone at the Top: How Leaders Can Create a Company Culture of Integrity

A Proposed Code of Ethics "Was a Colossal Waste of Time" - Bernie Ebbers, Co-Founder WorldCom We all know where that statement got him. Every employee under Mr. Ebbers got the same message - find creative ways to make the numbers.

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Whistleblowers can help prevent tragic disasters

It takes a crisis and disaster for some institutions to finally focus on a difficult problem

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Whistleblowers Can Help Prevent Tragic Disasters

It Takes a Crisis and Disaster for Some Institutions to Finally Focus on a Difficult Problem Some institutions tend to avoid focusing on difficult problems until they literally explode in disaster. And on January 28, 1986, an explosion really did happen, killing 7 astronauts.

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