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4 Ways Good Leaders Make Corporate Culture Completely Awesome

Keeping Your Corporate Culture Healthy and Energetic "I work in a company that discourages speaking up and I love it", said no employee ever. In fact, more employees are seeking out potential employers with a specific cultural DNA that not only encourages speaking up, but also does not retaliate. Not long ago, the phrase "corporate culture" would have sparked a choir of groans. 

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Study: Anonymous Hotline Adoption on the Rise

A study shows an increase need in hotline reporting Over the last decade, there's been a surge in the adoption and usage of anonymous whistleblower hotlines. Efforts to increase the protection of whistleblowers are on the rise.

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How to Maintain a Positive Corporate Culture Remotely

During uncertain times, management needs to acknowledge employees on a regular basis. Ensuring your employees are feeling included , significant and appreciated in their roles within their companies is important, especially during the current global climate.

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How The Employee Exit Interview Contributes To An A+ Company Culture

In today's world of 'social media everything', a frustrated ex-employee can do a lot of damage to a company's reputation after leaving. When a really good employee decides to move on, well that's part of business, even if it really sucks! But you want to make sure that an employee's experience right up to their last day is nothing but positive. This is how a company culture thrives when employees decide to move on. There are right and wrong ways to handle an employee who has resigned. Managers are going to face employee resignations sooner or later, so it's best to have the most professional, and honorable approach when it does happen.

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Creating a complete culture that attracts millennial employees

The inevitable is happening. The aging workforce is slowly being replaced by younger workers. The Millennials. And what the older generation may think is an important desire from employers, isn't necessarily the same desire the Gen Y'ers are expecting from the same employer.

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