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Charities Maintain High Trust Levels but Warnings Signs Emerge

According to a press release from the Muttart Foundation, Canadian charities continue to enjoy high levels of trust, but there are signs that Canadians expect more from them, according to a study released last fall.

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2014 Wish List - What Whistleblowers Need

We now mark the beginning of a New Year, 2014. At this time it is worth pausing, thinking back to what was or was not achieved and looking forward with our wish list of what may or may not be achieved in the future.

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Russia Dramatically Strengthening Anti-Corruption Laws

Despite Russia’s reputation for corruption, the anti-bribery climate there is evolving. A recent flurry of anti-bribery legislation, as well as Russia’s ratification of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials suggest that Russia is moving in the right direction. Amendments to the "Anti-Corruption Law" have also created new measures to prevent corruption. One of these measures is not only new for Russia, but also unprecedented among anti-corruption laws worldwide.

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International Anti-Corruption Compliance

As U.S. companies seek new markets abroad, they may also encounter new areas of U.S. government regulation and enforcement. In a slow recovery, the benefits of foreign revenues are clear, but international expansion also carries some significant risks. Any company reaching for opportunities abroad should plan carefully to ensure that the risks are properly identified and managed. The first area that should be considered for companies looking to increase overseas sales is;

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