Do You Believe in an Ethical Company? We Do.

by Amanda Nieweler
We Make Good Companies Better How do we do this? We believe in the importance of an ethical culture throughout a company.

When Can Employees Be Fired Over Their Private Life?

by Amanda Nieweler
What Happens in Vegas... Well You Know the Rest So, does what happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors? That depends. The news headlines have been splattered with the events around Jian Ghomeshi and the allegations of violent abuse against women.

Today's Special - Fraud, Hammers and Nails

by Amanda Nieweler
"... The Company Was Slow to Respond to Early Threats and Only Belatedly Took Action." By now we've all heard about the latest credit card breach within Home Depot - that account information of 56 million cardholders was compromised in what is the largest known breach of a retail company’s computer network.

Don't Entrust Companies Named Hydra With Your Bank Info

by Stephanie Mau
Hail Hydra? No Thanks If you’ve watched a Captain America movie before, you’ll know that the name Hydra means bad news. Turns out they were onto something.

How due diligence plays a role in anti-corruption compliance

by Amanda Nieweler
Do your due diligence With the increasing frequency and expanding scope of enforcement globally, organizations need to devote plenty of attention to anti-corruption due-diligence of third-parties that they engage. The value of due diligence is immense. It provides "red flags" that a particular third-party may be a source of risk. It also helps to satisfy an effective anti-corruption compliance program from the perspective of enforcement agencies. Additionally, effective due diligence may mitigate potential penalties. 

How Due Diligence Plays a Role in Anti-Corruption Compliance

by Amanda Nieweler
Do Your Due Diligence