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How One Simple Mistake Got Impressive Results

#EnvelopeGate... yes it has its own hashtag Of course something so utterly shocking is going to get its own hashtag.

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Tom Brady's Suspension Is Restored - Touchdown Compliance

The New England Patriots quarterback will have to play hooky the first four games of this coming season But would it be worth it to appeal this latest ruling? Two judges on a panel have ruled in favor of the NFL - one ruling in favor for Brady - that the star player should play out his original four-game suspension imposed by the NFL. For months, football fans across the nation have been arguing over who played a role in "deflategate", the deflating of air pressure of the footballs used in the January 2015 AFC championship game between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts.

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TalkTalk Broadband Scandal - Lack of Compliance?

Four million customers of this broadband provider are at risk after it was hit with a second major cyber attack within this past year. But what's interesting about this story, is that experts referencing it say that many major companies are still turning a blind eye to major attacks. And cyber attacks like this second one that TalkTalk is dealing with, have left millions of customer data at risk. In fact, experts agree that many organizations like this take a blase approach to securing customer data because they are under the impression that data security doesn't affect them. Risks like this can't continue to be swept under the rug, or put off for another day. Any company that flies blind to risk, no matter the industry, is setting themselves up for potential harm.

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Occupational Health And Safety In The Forest Industry

Protect your employees. Protect yourself! Since January 1, 2015, eight forest workers have died industry-wide in BC. 2014 saw 'only' four forest workers killed - though the industry average rate over the last few years remains at eight fatalities a year. This is an incredibly unacceptable number in an industry that, in theory, has strict policies and processes in place. It certainly makes you ponder what's going on. WorkSafeBC and industry leaders were certainly pondering this in an emergency meeting that was called this summer. Clearly there's a problem in the bush. Those working 'on the ground' in BC forests are required to manage occupational health and safety issues that the rest of us are completely oblivious to. The problem is, the unique dangers of working under the tree canopy have resulted in tragedies over the years and have subjected the forest industry's health and safety performance to intense media scrutiny. 

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Is Death the New Corruption Antidote?

Apparently in Thailand It Is Better be careful how you're conducting business in Thailand, or else it could mean the end for you.

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Compliance in Social Media

Careful what you tweet, like, share, comment on, post, pin and reply to... ! Having a corporate compliance program is crucial in today’s highly regulated business environment. An effective compliance program is an important ingredient of an organization’s internal controls, and is an important component to detecting and preventing any type of violation. Compliance programs should be adapted to an organization’s specific industry business, and risks. Nexgate, a pioneer in social media security and compliance, analyzed 32,000+ social media accounts of Fortune 100 firms.

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