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Governmental Mismanagement | In 'da House

The Mike Duffy saga continues... After months of investigation the RCMP have criminally charged suspended Senator, Mike Duffy, with governmental fraud and bribery, and plenty of other no-no's relating to Senate expenses. And opposition leaders say Prime Minister Stephen Harper's poor judgement is to blame. 

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HP Pays The Price For Bribery

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HP Pays the Price for Bribery

Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard agreed to plead guilty to bribery charges involving its subsidiaries in Russia, Poland, and Mexico.

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Transparency International’s Report Turns Focus to Bribery

The UK chapter of Transparency International recently released a handbook focusing on the culture of bribes.  Entitled “How To Bribe: A Typology of Bribe-Paying and How to Stop It”, the report outlines the bribery culture within corporations and how to combat it.  It stresses that bribery is a rampant issue, and is just as prevalent in the US and UK as it is overseas.  Therefore, companies should view clearly-defined bribery policies as an integral part of their overall ethics and compliance program.

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