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Police Corruption and the Importance of Whistleblowers

Police Corruption: We've all heard about Frank Serpico

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Corruption and Bribery in Forestry: A Shocking Fact You May Not Like

Serious, Organized, Violent, High-Level Crime! And you just might be unwittingly keeping the mafia in business. I watched a program on TV the other night: 16x9's Liquidating the Forests.

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Don't Fall Flat on Anti-Corruption Due Diligence

Failing Grade for Many Countries Recently, Transparency International came out with their Corruption Progress Report for 2014.

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A Whistleblower's Battle Over Beer

(Got Your Attention?) Yep, You Read That Right... Beer One often thinks of bribery and corruption happening in major, high profile organizations (Enron, WorldCom, Tyco). Those are certainly the first I think of anyway. But, of course, bribery can happen in any company, any size, and any industry.

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Popular Frauds | Protect Your Organization

One Fraud... Two Fraud... Three Fraud... No organization wants to wake up to find themselves suddenly the center of unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny due to fraud. Fraud costs organizations more if it's ignored, and no matter what you think, your organization is not immune from it. The ACFE's Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse states that the median loss caused by fraud was $145,000 - if you're a small business, that could spell disaster. 22% of the cases in the study reported fraud loss of at least $1 million.

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Governmental Mismanagement in 'Da House

The Mike Duffy Saga Continues... After months of investigation the RCMP have criminally charged suspended Senator, Mike Duffy, with governmental fraud and bribery, and plenty of other no-no's relating to Senate expenses. And opposition leaders say Prime Minister Stephen Harper's poor judgment is to blame.

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