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Compliance Officer Appreciation Day

What does a compliance officer do? Saturday Sept. 26th is Compliance Officer Appreciation Day. It's a day to celebrate all the work a company compliance officer does daily for their company.

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Study: Anonymous Hotline Adoption on the Rise

A study shows an increase need in hotline reporting Over the last decade, there's been a surge in the adoption and usage of anonymous whistleblower hotlines. Efforts to increase the protection of whistleblowers are on the rise.

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The Two Voices Of Whistleblowing

When we think about whistleblowing, many of us will think of someone who is a hero, or a person with conscience.

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Bomshell Shows The Power of Whistleblowing

Many employees have a 'Roger Story'. Some have told theirs. Others are still building up the courage to do so.

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Whistleblower Case Closure Time: It's A Timely Matter

What's the best case closure time for your hotline reports? On average 30 days is best - from the report coming in, to it being fully closed. Many whistleblowers will raise their concerns internally first. This is because they believe that by doing so, the company will investigate their concern seriously and the whistleblower will emerge on the other end with some form of closure to their concern.

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The Importance of Anonymous Whistleblower Hotlines!

Guest post by Emma Brown Whistleblowing is no new concept, yet it remains a somewhat hushed notion for some companies. A quick Google search nets plenty of results with everything from hotline companies to advice if you're the one about to 'blow the whistle.' As an ethics hotline provider, we're starting to see a shift in the attitude towards blowing the whistle. More companies are acknowledging the need to introduce an anonymous reporting mechanism into their policies and culture.

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