The Problem With Whistleblowers!

blog_bullyThey're such a pain, right?

They just push and push.

Saying everything in their power to bring a company down.

Contradicting the 'truths' that a company has worked so hard to portray to its employees, customers, the public.

One 'little nobody' (or a few) who just Won't! Shut! Up!

And now the company has to take time away from doing its business to aggressively fight these little nobodies.

What a waste of time!

Leadership has to step up and reiterate its 'cult like' culture. Putting worried employees at ease. Silencing doubts. Removing concern.

Getting everyone back on track. Shuffling them back into their silos where they don't see what's really happening.

Hiding their illegalities.

What's really being said behind closed doors.

The real truths.

It's such an effort to go to extremes to silence whistleblowers who reveal company problems or to go the media.

Make them go away...

Who are these people that seem hell bent on destroying a company's secrets? How the heck did they find out about these secrets anyway?

Must do what we can to muzzle them and ensure they don't say any more!

Many companies find themselves with a new campaign on their hands...

Operation: shut the whistleblower up in any way possible.

It's time to close ranks to protect the reputation of the company, rather than actually deal with the fact that the company's products/services don't work the way they said they would.


If it wasn't for the whistleblower(s) speaking up, and a company's secrets going public, there would be no reading fodder. And no company wants their secrets (this one right here) to be known.

No company wants their prized insider secrets to become reading fodder that everyone is gasping over.

But thanks to these whistleblowers, who can't leave well enough alone, a company now has to do whatever it can to cover-up its clandestine illegalities.

If it doesn't, a company will find its friends suddenly turning their backs. The company will find itself in a position of losing funding, sales, etc.

All the more reason to quiet the whistleblower so they don't expose any more frauds the company has worked so hard to create.

This type of program (right here) is what scares these rogue companies to death!

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