International Anti-Corruption Day: December 9th


International Anti-Corruption Day: December 9thIt's International Anti-Corruption day on December 9th.

Corruption is a global issue and one of the biggest obstructions to economic and social development around the world.

It's estimated that every year, $1 trillion is paid in bribes world-wide.

It's also estimated that $2.6 trillion is stolen annually through corruption. This equals more than 5% of the global GDP.

Bribery helps corruption along it's path of destruction. And when businesses use bribery and corruption in order to try to get ahead, or win the bid, more people end up getting hurt because of it.

And in the end, those participating will eventually get caught up in legal battles.

Corruption happens everywhere, at any time.

In the event of natural disasters when it comes time to start rebuilding infrastructure, corrupt business practices can take place with those bidding on building the new bridges and highways, to those actually doing the work.

When it comes to healthcare, in developed countries, fraud and abuse has been estimated to cost governments between $12 billion and $23 billion per year.

From a sales person giving a trip to a tropical destination to a potential client in the hopes that the prospect will sign on the dotted line, to major business deals being handled behind closed doors, bribery and corruption is everywhere.

In an effort to shine more light on bribery and corruption, we want to show there are ways for businesses to help fight bribery and corruption, and create more ethical cultures.

Implementing a speak up culture is the first step in enabling those who witness bribery and corruption to report it.

What does your anti-corruption policy look like? Does it need to be updated? We can help!

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