Creating a complete culture that attracts millennial employees


Creating a complete culture that attracts millennial employeesThe inevitable is happening.

The aging workforce is slowly being replaced by younger workers.

The Millennials.

And what the older generation may think is an important desire from employers, isn't necessarily the same desire the Gen Y'ers are expecting from the same employer.

Previously conducted research shows there is a disconnect between what employers are offering employees, and what millennials actually expect and desire from the employer.

This is a gap that negatively impacts the engagement and retention of Millennials. And for companies slowly seeing the retirement of older employees, and the need to replace them, this could start to become a costly hiring and training situation over and over again.

Millennials say that employers tend not to focus on the important values like work-life balance, employee recognition, loyalty and respect.

Rather, according to some surveys, employers tend to focus more on teamwork, profit and customer satisfaction.

Not that these aren't important values, but they won't come easy if employees aren't happy first.

What else do younger employees hunger for but don't feel like they are getting? Open and complete communication, professional growth, fairness, humour, fun, clarity and well-being.

I mean, who doesn't like a little fun a humour at work?

Millennials are slowly shaking up the workplace.

And if companies want to keep up, they need to ensure newer and younger employees are finding their purpose at work.

This will ensure the company sees more productive and successful employees who are excited to come to work and make positive change.

In the US, Millennials make up 36% of workforce, and by 2020, will account for nearly half.

Compared to older colleagues, they are more likely to choose a company that values honest feedback over one that gives top perks.

84% of millennials said an open communication policy was more important than perks when choosing a job, compared to their older co-workers.

Companies and employees can work together to create a meaningful workplace.

And according to millennials, it's a speak-up culture.

Younger employees who feel they can have open and honest communication that results in a positive impact are likely to feel more fulfilled, promote their employer, and stay on the job longer.

Studies have shown that inspired employees are almost three times more productive than dissatisfied employees.

To quote a specialist:

"Employees react differently when they encounter a wall. Satisfied employees hold a meeting to discuss what to do about walls. Engaged employees begin looking around for ladders to scale the wall. Inspired employees break right through it."

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