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Chief Empathy Officer - It's Today's CEO

As a leader, you have a critical voice in helping people stay calm, focused and engaged during times of crisis like the one we're currently enduring.

Uncertainty causes employees to pay even greater attention to how leaders react and handle situations.

Employees are fearful about their job security, their health, and their futures.

These are basic human needs that are being compromised and causing high levels of stress, and likely panic.

The best way to help employees get through this unprecedented time with coronavirus is to help tame their feelings and create an environment where employees feel cared for and included.

And this is crucial at this time because now, more than ever, employees are feeling very disconnected from the outside world, and their co-workers.

What a time like now gives CEOs and other management is the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and express to employees that the business is all about its people.

If employees don't feel trust, and truth from leadership, their performance and the company's culture will suffer.

Unite people
Now is the time to bring your employees together and reinforce that everyone is in this together.

People are social. And social distancing hinders that sociability. Employees will feel more motivated if they feel connected with their employer and other co-workers.

If employees feel they are part of the entire team, all facing these uncertain times together, that connection will help everyone weather this storm.

An ethics hotline is a Chief Empathy Officer's most important tool right now.

Be understanding and empathetic
Employees need to feel they are being listened to and that the company cares.

They know there's no quick fix for this crisis but being open and compassionate about their questions and concerns shows management cares and is listening. And this keeps spirits up and employees motivated to battle this out as a team, with their management, and their company - having each other's backs.

"The only way we win is through humanity, coming together. That’s the type of leadership we need."

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About the Author
Amanda writes for WhistleBlower Security about ethics, compliance, workplace culture, and whistleblower hotlines. Amanda brings her nearly two decades of risk and compliance experience to the WBS blog where she is dedicated to helping people and companies promote speak-up cultures.