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Does your organization have an ethics reporting tool in place?

If you are a public company, under requirements outlined by Sarbanes-Oxley in the US and Multi-Lateral Instrument 52-110 in Canada, you are required to have a whistleblower policy and process in place. Having a hotline in place that is easily accessible and trusted by your employees and stakeholders is very important. A powerful whistleblower hotline provides employees with a safe and secure vehicle for reporting incidents of alleged wrongdoing, while providing the organization with comprehensive reports allowing it to take action to investigate and rectify any wrongdoing in a timely manner.

While it’s not required of private organizations to implement a whistleblower policy, it’s certainly highly recommended. Private firms, and smaller businesses are very vulnerable to unethical behaviour, fraud, or corruption because there are fewer staff members receiving direct oversight and therefore, less checks and balances over their actions. Fraud being perpetrated against small business is certainly growing in terms of the amount of money lost and the number of instances. A dedicated whistleblower hotline that provides employees with a secure and anonymous platform to report incidents of wrongdoing, can help earlier detection of these instances and provide quicker rectification.

At WhistleBlower Security, we pride ourselves on our commitment to promoting a culture of integrity, collaboration and transparency for our employees and clients. We guarantee your success in the potential uncovering of wrongdoing reported by your employees, and with WhistleBlower’s integrated ethics reporting services, it’s easier than you might think.

Easy Implementation:
It’s so easy to implement our services. You don’t need to be proficient in IT or understand the in’s and out’s of software. We do all the work for you – our dedicated staff can customize a platform that meets your organization’s requirements.

Easy to Use:
Our software is extremely user friendly. There’s really no need to confuse a client with a busy interface that inhibits use. We understand that there might be a level of uncertainty or even fear when an employee is submitting an incident. We aim to ensure anonymity, accuracy and thoroughness in the user experience.

Single Package Flat Fee:
Our Single Package Flat Fee rate ensures you don’t have to worry about what version or level of software you need. One software solution that’s customizable to meet your Ethics Policy, and at a price that a smaller business can easily work into their budget – you can’t afford not to invest!

Propriety Ethics Reporting:
Important fact gathering and information sharing needs to be secure and efficient in order to avoid possible leaks or second-guessing before the organization has had time to respond to the issue. WhistleBlower’s integrated ethics reporting services provide real time reports that ensure you are able to take proactive measures in dealing with any issues

Employee Relations:
The relationship between employers and employees can be difficult for any company. HR departments can benefit from our ethics hotlines as a vehicle for their employees to report any wrongdoing in a safe and secure environment. Our tool will help you manage employee relations and improve employee job satisfaction, loyalty and employee retention.

Whether it is for regulatory compliance, financial transparency, corporate governance, employee, client, investor or patient relations, becoming WhistleBlower Secured™ will enhance your corporate integrity and empower employees to contribute to an ethical workplace. Download a free copy or our eBook 5 Steps to Create a WhistleBlower Culture


eBook-5 Steps to Create a Whistleblower Culture

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